XCADEY XPOWER-S Power Meter Spider GEN1

Unleash Your Power



High Quality And Reliable

The measurement sensor of the XPOWER-S is located inside the jaws, which is the most stable and accurate measurement position. The XPOWER-S uses high-precision strain gauges and high-precision acceleration sensors with built-in intelligent temperature compensation algorithms to provide you with accurate and reliable power values at all times and in all locations.


Name Parameter
Weight 101 g / SRAM 110BCD
Accuracy +/- 1.5 %
Battery life 150 Hours
Waterproof IP67
Battery Li-ion Battery
Wireless ANT+ / Bluetooth 4.0
Measure Type Spider
Power Range 0 – 2500 Watts
Cadence Range 30 – 220 RPM
Woking Temperature -10 – 50 ℃
Limited Warranty 16 Months
Limited Warranty Power, Cadence, Balance