AITA Oversize Ceramic Titanium Jockey Wheels – Dura Ace 12 Speed


The 11-tooth and 15-tooth titanium oversize jockey wheels bring high efficiency to the drivetrain system with extremely low friction ceramic bearings. 

Made from titanium alloys, the jockey wheels have very high tensile strength hence when moving to larger size jockey wheels, the titanium alloy wheels will remain the same strength and shape from the center to the edge of the wheels. Having a high strength-to-weight ratio, it allows us to make very lightweight oversize jockey wheels without sacrificing strength and durability, most importantly it looks cool!

2 year warranty.

Titanium alloy jockey wheels;
11 tooth upper and 15 tooth lower CNC titanium wheel body;
ABEC7 hybrid ceramic bearings; 
Grade 3 Si3N4 ceramic bearing balls;
Jockey wheel diameter: 11-tooth 42mm and 15-tooth 59mm;

Shimano Dura Ace rear derailleur system, 12 speed compatible

Important note: The jockey wheel width is 6mm (edge to edge of the dust shields – green color), which is compatible with the Dura Ace 12-speed system. Two 2×0.5mm spacers are provided to increase the total width to 7mm when needed.


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