Berk Lupina Monocoque Open Carbon Saddle


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Berk Lupina Monocoque Open Carbon Saddle

This saddle is constructed for road cyclists. It is based from our Lupina saddle, where the sitting area is very similar, but with less noticeable central area, which is a bit more flat.

Although it is only 249 mm long it offers a lot of saddle flex in the front half of the saddle, thanks to a special one-piece (monocoque) construction.

The unique design and construction give your road bike a striking aesthetic.


  • One piece carbon construction
  • Look: padded or 3K carbon look
  • Length: 249 mm
  • Width: 144 mm
  • Max. rider weight: 100 kg
  • Weight padded: 115 g
  • Saddle rails: oval 7 x 9 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
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