XCADEY XPOWER Power Meter Crankset


The best bang for buck power meter crankset on the market!

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XCADEY XPOWER Power Meter Crankset

The XPOWER CRANKSET is based on XPOWER-S combined with proven XCADEY crankset construction, featuring the super compatible 24mm spindle system that fits most frames and bottom brackets. 
XPOWER CRANKSET is the ideal option for shimano crank users who want to upgrade from their current crankset to a powermeter.


Taking advantage of modular design technology, the XPOWER-CNC features easier maintaining. So every part can be freely replaced, easily installed and conveniently maintained.


All parts of the XPOWER crankset are made of high-strength aluminum 7075, which are processed by CNC. Moreover, using Hollow Technology, four holes are dug out inside the crank, which dramatically reduces its weight while enhancing its strength and achieving perfect balance.


The XPOWER crankset uses the 24mm-spindle, which is also the most popular spindle in the market. The SHIMANO users can install it directly without replacing the bottom bracket. It is compatible with all kinds of framesets in the market, so you need not to spend efforts to select the bottom bracket.


Accurate · Stable · Reliable 

The XPOWER-CNC is based on XPOWER-S spider power meter, which is the best position for torque measurement. XPOWER-S uses the high-precision strain gauge and accelerometer, in which the built-in intelligent temperature compensation algorithm can ensure to provide accurate power value for you any time, in all kinds of weather.



The XCADEY app features a device information dashboard that allows you to check the hardware data of the power meter. Easy and convenient way to keep the firmware up to date.


We have many years of experience in power meter manufacturing. All parts of the XPOWER crankset are independently designed and developed, which have undergone numerous iterations and strict standard tests. To allow you to receive a perfect product, every time.



5 bolt 110bcd, 4 bolt 110bcd (Shimano), 5 bolt 144bcd, 4 bolt 104bcd (MTB)

Crank Length

155mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

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