Veloflex Record Tubular 25mm


Our tubular tire designed for time trial or track racing.
With a completely renovated tread, it is extremely lightweight and very slick, to improve speed records even further and reduce rolling resistance at the minimum.

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Veloflex Record Tubular 25mm

Handmade in Italy

All our tubulars are handmade through a process that consists of 35 rigorously artisanal steps, starting from the raw material and the different components (yarn, latex, rubber, glue, valves). Manual skill is key and no tubular is identical to another: this is our pride.

Advanced technology

We combine our artisan vocation with the latest technology and unique materials to obtain our top-quality products.


Soft and flexible 350 TPI (Threads Per Inch) Corespun casing, designed to ensure the lowest rolling resistance to the road bicycle tubular. 

Internal polyester tape

It protects the internal air chamber of the tubular from the zig zag stitching that seals the casing.

Ultralight air chamber

A latex air chamber for greater elasticity and flexibility in every condition, i.e. the lowest rolling resistance on any road surface. 

External cotton tape

It sticks the tubular to the rim to ensure flexibility and elasticity and to protect the casing from abrasion and the stroke of the rim nipples.

Puncture proof protection belt

An anti-puncture Calicot layer; its fabric, with a very thick texture, prevents any damage to the casing caused by sharp objects that may penetrate through. 


Greatest road holding thanks to the new natural rubber and silica tire tread; with its slick pattern it is the core of the clincher tire, offering excellent grip and exceptional low rolling resistance.

Technical details 

More Information
Racing, Time Trial
350 Threads Per Inch (140/cm)
Calicot puncture resistant layer
Compressed Pes/Co corespun
Natural rubber and silica exclusive compound
Latex low rolling resistance
Presta 42 mm with changeable core
Ideal for: Racing, Time Trial
Model details

SKU Size Weight* Suggested pressure
RT23G 28″ – 23mm 195 gr. 7/10 bar (100/145 psi)
RT25G 28″ – 25mm 225 gr. 6/9 bar (85/130 psi)

* Weight ± 5%

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