Silca Synergetic Wet Lube – 59ml


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Silca Synergetic Wet Lube – 59ml

Silca’s Synergetic drip chain lube offers similar performance of hot wax chain lube without the hassle.

The Synergetic drip lube is only just shy of molten wax for efficiency but will last longer between re-lubing. Silca claim up to 800km between intervals!

For best results a clean drive chain is always going to be the best place to start. The bottle comes with a small needle applicator. This allows the user to administer the lube on each roller and ensures that excess lube isn’t wasted. Silca claim that using the needle to readminister the lube, a single 59ml bottle will get the rider over 15,000km!


New Formula – Taking technology from F1, Silca has combined WS2 nano-scale tungsten disulfide with car valve lubricant ZDDP. The synergy created by the two products is claimed to reduce friction by 50% and wear reduced by 95%. This is due to the two additives forming a protective layer together.


59ml bottle (up to 15,000km)
Up to 800km per lube interval
No required drying time
Wet lubricant

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