Ratio Technology 1×12 Road Upgrade Kit

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Ratio Technology 1×12 Road Upgrade Kit


This upgrade kit allows you to pair 10 or 11 speed mechanical SRAM shifters and a 1x-specific Exact Actuation™ derailleur with a 12 speed eTap™ AXS™ cassette and chain. You’ll gain all the advantages of greater gear range and closer gear ratios without the expense or weight of electronic shifting.

View our Support page here. For more information, check our compatibility guide.

The Ratio 1×12 Road Upgrade Kit allows you to operate a SRAM eTap™ AXS™ 12 speed cassette and chain with your existing SRAM road 10 or 11 speed shifters and 1x-specific Exact Actuation™ derailleur.

Using a 1×12 Road kit gives you following advantages:

  • Greater gear range and/or closer gear ratios than 11 speed
  • Lower cost than wireless electronic. Save $1800 on a Force™ build; $800 saving on a Rival™ build*
  • Lower weight. Save 160g on a Force™ build; 220g on a Rival™ build**
  • No batteries to keep charged
  • The reliability and serviceability of mechanical shifting
  • #humanpowered

In your kit you will find:

  1. Ratio 1×12 Road ratchet, with shift spacing specially designed for AXS™ 12 speed cassettes
  2. Ratio 12 tooth jockey wheels with stainless Enduro bearings and labyrinth seals, specifically designed for AXS™ Flattop™ 12 speed chains
  3. M2.5 screw for shifter ratchet replacement
  4. Ratio chainstay sticker

To use this kit you will need:

  1. SRAM 10 or 11 speed road shifters. If using 10 speed shifters you will also need a cable spool available separately here
  2. SRAM 1x derailleur from the Force 1™, Rival 1™ or Apex 1™ groups
  3. A SRAM 12 speed eTap™ AXS™ cassette from the Red™, Force™ or Rival™ groups
  4. A SRAM 12 speed Flattop™ chain from the Red™, Force™ or Rival™ groups
  5. A chainring compatible with the 1×12 speed eTap™ AXS™ groups
  6. An XDR™ freehub.

To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for hydraulic brakes, see the following video***:

To fit your ratchet to SRAM shifters for cable brakes, see the following video***:

NOTE: On some older shifters, the reach adjuster will not spin freely when it bottoms out. Stop turning the reach adjuster screw as soon as you encounter resistance.

*This calculation is based upon SRPs for all components. It assumes that the purchaser already owns the SRAM shifters and derailleur required to use the kit.

**The calculation is based upon comparing Ratio/Rival™ 1 to Rival eTap™ AXS™ and Ratio/Force ™1 to Force AXS™

***Please note that modifying these components may void the original SRAM warranty. Ratio Technology Limited is in no way linked to SRAM LLC

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