FARSPORTS F1 Integrated Carbon Cockpit and Spacer Kit 110/400


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FARSPORTS F1 Integrated Carbon Cockpit and Spacer Kit


Olympic Gold Medal Winning Handlebar.”

  • Equipment of Choice for 2021 Tokyo Olympics Female Road Race Gold Medalist
  • Inspired by the fastest production German propeller fighter
  • Comes with Computer Mount (Compatible with Garmin/Wahoo)
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Proven Aerodynamic Performance
  • Comes compatible with 31.8mm Steering
  • Compatible with Most Modern Internally Routed Bikes (F1 Spacer Required)
  • Electronic Shifting Compatible
  • Available in 360/380/400/420 width and 90/100/110/120 stem length

More Information

The F1 Handlebar is gold-medal-winning, rigorously tested, and engineered to be as light, stiff, and fast as possible. Whether a local road race or a world championship, the F1 will lead you to the podium.

Speed and aero are core to the design of the F1. The handlebar’s profile is inspired by the wings of a fighter plane, offering excellent aerodynamic ability and strength, furthered by the carbon fiber construction. The F1 weighs in at just under 300g in its lightest configurations.

We only use the highest quality carbon fiber materials, which ensures superior stiffness and strength without sacrificing weight. The F1 is also extensively lab tested, and proven to save watts over traditional round handlebars.

With so much groundbreaking design packed into the F1, it’s no surprise that it is a podium winner time and time again. Experience the speed and freedom of a master-crafted set of handlebars with the FARSPORTS F1.

Handlebar Installation on Giant TCR (no special spacer required).



90/360, 90/380, 90/400, 90/420, 100/360, 100/380, 100/400, 100/420, 110/360, 110/380, 110/400, 110/420, 120/360, 120/380, 120/400, 120/420

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