ENVE Aero Internal Cable Carbon Road Stem


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ENVE Aero Internal Cable Carbon Road Stem

An aerodynamically honed stem with adjustable length and angle to optimize your position, linking handlebar to fork.

The rider makes up 80-90% of total aero drag, so refining your position can produce some of the biggest gains of all. Further, the shape of the stem, plus the ability to eliminate headset spacers, allows for cleaner airflow at the front of the bike, producing valuable drag savings. 

Now providing internal cable routing.

Our approach to aerodynamics has always been to find the best solution for the complete system of the bike and rider, because we understand that there is more to aerodynamic performance than a low drag figure in the wind tunnel. This approach can be seen in our wheels, where we target stability alongside drag reduction to make you as fast as possible on the road in real conditions, where it counts. It can also be seen in our pioneering SES Aero Road Handlebar, which delivers a speed boost through rider positioning as well as its shape. The SES Aero Road Stem is the natural partner to that handlebar, using the same parallel design considerations. First, we developed a shape with reduced frontal area, smoother airflow, and lower drag. Next, we designed in beautifully simple methods for adjusting the angle and fine tuning the length. The result is a lightweight stem that fits any of our handlebars and makes you faster.

Material: Carbon
Length: 100, 110, 120, 130mm
Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm
Steer Tube Clamp Diameter: 1 1/8″


90, 100, 110, 120, 130

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