Elilee Blize Standard Carbon Road Bike – SRAM Rival AXS


The BLIZE is a top tier UCI approved All-Rounder frameset.

Complete bike, including Frameset, handlebars, seatpost, Creative Carbon CORE Wheels, Tyres and groupset.

Pictured with CREATIVE ULTRA wheels, available at an additional cost.

Contact us for complete spec.

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Elilee Blize Standard Carbon Road Bike – SRAM Rival AXS

Elilee R&D team: “As the first road frame of Elilee, we want it to become a Grand Tour level product. So we strictly followed the top-level design standards. After countless tests and upgrades, we not only improve the proformance but also make the appearance more in line with modern aesthetics. It took us three years.”

BLIZE takes speed and agility as its design goal and stability and reliability as its product basis, fully meeting customers’ needs of frame performance and quality.

In the early stage of the design process, on the premise that the preliminary structure meets the design target stiffness, the aerodynamic performance is carefully considered, and the end product is an extremely Aerodynamic frame, that is aesthetically pleasing.

After many CAE force analysis tests and CFD aerodynamic analysis, the aerodynamic performance and stiffness distribution are further optimized to achieve the coexistence of aesthetic appearance and aerodynamic performance, and balance of stiffness and weight.

The engineers of ELILEE keep improving and do not miss the comprehensive performance of any part, through constant feedback from its riders and technicians. After several optimisations and adjustments, the stiffness, weight and maintainability of each accessory were balanced to the best state.

In order to achieve the best stiffness to weight ratio, Elilee uses Toray T1100 Carbon fibre along with M40J stiffness reinforcement on its top level XXE frames.

The inner surface of the frame is made incredibly smooth by using EPS molding technology. The same technology is used on the handlebars to allow for an easy cable routing, and improved strength and stability.

The weight of a Medium size raw frame is just 680g, the raw fork is 330g and seatpost is 95g

It is possible to achieve a complete bike weight of close to 6kg with this frame, along with Elilee’s Ultra-Light carbon cranks.

The Standard model BLIZE frame is made of Toray T800 Carbon, and frame weight is only 780g with a 360g fork. The overall weight is only 130g heavier than the XXE model.

Even though the Elilee BLIZE frame is an extremely light weight All-Rounder, it’s Aerodynamic performance is exceptionally good comparing to heavier more aerodynamic frames.

Well Designed Geometry

In terms of geometry, Elile BLIZE is biased towards competitive settings. Each size has been carefully thought out, resulting in a fast yet comfortable ride no matter which size is chosen.


Elilee BLIZE frames come with a lifetime warranty on frame and fork. See Warranty page for more info.


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


White, Black, Yellow

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