Carbon-Ti X-CarboRing 36 x 110 (4 arms)

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Carbon-Ti X-CarboRing 36 x 110 (4 arms)


The round X-CarboRing chainring from CARBON-TI is a masterpiece of Italian milling art. It is made from a mix of materials. The main component consists of 3K carbon, around which a toothed ring made of aluminum (AL7075-T6) is stretched. High quality titanium was used for the connecting pins. This makes the CARBON-TI CarboRing chainring the best example of the sensible use of materials in cover of durability and weight.
The back of the carbon chain ring is artfully milled to save even the last gram and enable perfect shifting. The use of aluminum as the tooth material also ensures a long service life.
According to the manufacturer, the chainring is suitable for the Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000, FC-9100, Ultegra FC-6800, FC-8000 and SRM Origin 9000 cranks . With a weight of only 28g, the X-CarboRing is one of the lightest compact chainrings on the market.

Note: The chainrings are compatible with the new X-CarboRing EVO. The gradation is determined by the outer chain ring. For optimal shifting performance, CARBON-TI recommends the combination with the outer CARBON-TI X-CarboRing chainrings in the gradations 54/40 (X-CarboRing EVO), 53/39, 52/36 or 50/34. Using other compilations is not recommended.

Technical specifications:

Area of intended use : road, triathlon
Material: carbon, aluminum 7075-T6, titanium
Technology: –
bolt circle diameter : 110 mm (compact)
Attachment: 4-arm spider asymmetrical
Number of teeth: 34, 36, 39 or 40 teeth
Compatibility cranks : Shimano Dura Ace FC-9000, FC-9100, FC-9200, Ultegra FC-6800, FC-8000, FC-8100, SRM Origin 9000, Rotor INSpider
Compatibility chain: 10-, 11-speed , 12-speed
Mounting: inside
chain line : Standard
Offset: none
Adjustment options: –
Range (ovalization): –
Timing (force application): –
Colour: 3K carbon black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 28g (34 teeth), 33g (36 teeth), 41g (39 teeth)

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