Black Inc THIRTY FOUR Gravel Disc Brake Wheelset


Designed to be the perfect pairing for our gravel racing bikes, the Black Inc THIRTY FOUR wheels are gravel-oriented with a level of durability that will get you through the long days off-piste. But they are light enough to go rubber to rubber with any road specific wheel on the market

Brand new (no box) XDR wheelset on sale now!

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Anyone keen to hit their favorite gravel routes using a super fast pair of wheels will find their perfect match in the Black Inc THIRTY FOUR gravel-oriented wheels. By emphasizing strength and low weight, the THIRTY FOUR offers top performance on mixed terrain rides. Strong enough for serious gravel grinds and light enough to keep up with the road-specific competition. 

Setting these wheels apart though are the modern features such as the special tubeless ready hookless bead design. One of the worst aspects of tubeless wheels is how difficult it is to get the tire onto the rim. The THIRTY FOUR hookless profile was designed to make it much easier to seat the tire, often requiring only a floor pump. As the name suggests, the rim wall is hookless, but  careful design aids in helping the tire bead climb up onto the bead shelf, and aid in the bead staying seated once the tire is inflated. 

The transition between the hookless rim profile and the tire sidewall has been carefully optimized to provide exceptional aerodynamic performance when using a large diameter tire. This feature makes the THIRTY FOUR an excellent wheel for road use as well when the rider wants to run 30mm or larger tires. 

The Black Inc THIRTY FOUR gravel-oriented wheels come standard with CeramicSpeed bearings in the hubs to ensure the ultimate in smooth rolling performance and long term durability. They are ideal wheels for anyone looking to excel on gravel or mix-terrain rides.


  • 1489g hookless tubeless wheels
  • Optimized for 30mm+ wide tires
  • Hubs with CeramicSpeed bearings
  • Rim is optimized for maximum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Disc brake-only wheelset



Shimano, Sram XDR

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