Black Inc Integrated Aero Barstem


The Integrated Aero Barstem is the new benchmark aero barstem for road and gravel, combining leading aerodynamics with refined ergonomics and a feathery weight. Its progressive shape, with drops flared by 30mm, boosts control and slashes the drag of the combined bike and rider, while increasing wrist clearance and comfort.


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Black Inc Aero Integrated Barstem



The Integrated Aero Barstem is the new benchmark aero cockpit for road and gravel, combining leading aerodynamics with refined ergonomics and a feathery weight. Its highly developed shape, with drops flared by 30mm, boosts control and significantly reduces the drag of the combined bike and rider, while providing a comfortable grip in all hand positions and increased wrist clearance. It was created to lift the OSTRO VAM up to the level of the world’s fastest bikes and seven-time grand tour winner Chris Froome contributed to its development.


The Integrated Aero Barstem achieves its speed in two ways: 1, it enables the rider to achieve a much more aero position; 2, it slices the air more efficiently. Both the rider and the bike’s handlebar meet undisturbed airflow at the front of the bike, so these are big opportunities to reduce drag.

You can achieve a more aero position on the Integrated Aero Barstem thanks to the narrower hoods. This is now a popular feature across aero road bikes with good reason – it works. With your hands on the horns of the levers and your forearms flat, your frontal area is reduced and you go faster.

The mid-depth profile of the top section was selected to compliment the OSTRO VAM and to balance aero against weight and the need for the tops to be comfortable. Following extensive research and development, a 40mm profile depth was chosen. Variations were assessed in CFD (computational fluid dynamics software) first and then prototypes of the best shapes were tested in a wind tunnel. When we returned to the tunnel with the final version to run it against the best rival products, we were so shocked at the results that we repeated the tests. The outcome was the same – the Integrated Aero Barstem decimates the competition.


Every aspect of the Integrated Aero Barstem is refined to maximise comfort and confidence. The tops sweep back at 3 degrees for a more natural wrist angle, the chamfered corners add wrist clearance when sprinting, and the mid-depth aero profile fits naturally when climbing on the tops even for smaller hands. The upper radius of the drop is tightened to bring the brake lever approximately 5mm closer to the drop to account for the greater length of the latest Shimano and SRAM shifter bodies. This is the attention to detail that makes the difference.

The drops flare out at 7 degrees and measure 29mm wider than the shifter. This carefully judged angle provides a narrow position on the hoods in typical road sizes and, for gravel use in a wider size, it gives confident control in the wider drops while keeping the shifters at an optimal angle.

Sizing for gravel and road use

The perfectly judged 7-degree flare, placing the drops 29mm wider than the hoods, is how the Integrated Aero Barstem can pull double-duty as both a road and a gravel bar. For the road, size your bar at the drops and benefit from narrower hoods placing you in a more aero position; for gravel use, size your bar at the hoods and enjoy the added control of wider drops when the terrain demands it.

Chris Froome’s input

“After spending some time riding the OSTRO VAM, I felt it deserved a barstem upgrade for even more comfort, stiffness and aerodynamics. I also wanted a slight flare to the drops to create a more aero position on the hoods without losing any leverage in the drops. The design team nailed it and capped it off with a clean aesthetic. I love riding it and it’s an upgrade I’d recommend to anyone.”

Compatibility and cable routing

Fully internal cable routing is supported for electronic and disc brake groupsets only.

Computer and accessory mounting

The Aero Integrated Barstem features a GoPro-style computer mount, adding angle adjustment and a more supported second mount for a light or action camera. A computer mount is included.


Weight 398 g (42 cm x 110 mm)
Material Carbon Fiber
Angle -6°
Drop 120 mm
Reach 80 mm
Stack 39 mm
Flare (drop section)
Backsweep (top section)
Steerer diameter 1-1/8″
Finish UD matte and glossy
Internal Cable Routing Electronic and Disc Brake systems only
External Cable Routing n/a
Accessories included Black Inc Computer Mount (V10)
36 38 40 42
W1 Hood-to-hood (mm) 360 380 400 420
W2 Drop-to-drop (mm) 389 409 429 449
R1 Reach (mm) 92 92 92 92
R2 Reach (mm) 80 80 80 80
D1 Drop (mm) 120 120 120 120
F1 Drop flare
B1 Backsweep
A1 Angle -6° -6° -6° -6°
S1 Stack (mm) 39 39 39 39
L1 Length (mm) 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140

80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140


36, 38, 40, 42

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