Black Inc FIVE Disc Brake Wheelset


Designed to be lightweight, aero, and durable, the Black Inc FIVE carbon spoke wheelset provides the ultimate performance for the serious road rider looking for something special in a pair of wheels. Tubeless compatible and intended to excel with wider road tires, the FIVEs are simultaneously practical and envelope-pushing.

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The Black Inc FIVE handcrafted solid spoke carbon wheelset represents the epitome of Black Inc’s engineering and design capabilities. Featuring a specially designed one-piece rim and spoke blade construction, the FIVEs are a lightweight wheelset that also offers aerodynamic advantages that typically only deep profiled heavier wheels can approximate.

Weighing just 1318 grams, this lightweight tubeless ready clincher wheelset offers exceptional aero performance thanks largely to the NACA airfoil-optimized spokes, rims, and hubs. The one-piece wheel structure has been developed using CFD software for enhanced performance compared to a traditional mid-depth steel spoked wheelset. The aero performance considering the modest 30mm rim profile is testament to the effectiveness of the design. The Kamm tail shape of the spokes offer an aero advantage that neither round nor bladed steel spokes could ever provide. While the rim’s minimal cross section prevents any unsteady deflection resulting from crosswinds.

In addition to that, the carbon layup is dedicated to guaranteeing lateral stiffness while providing a unique level of compliance. It ensures both the handling will be sharp and the comfort levels high. By using advanced material from carbon experts at Toray with the added benefit of Nippon Graphite Pitch-Based Fiber, the FIVEs offer exceptional responsiveness when accelerating combined with vibration dampening to make the FIVEs a lot more comfortable and compliant than they may look.

Committing to a tubeless compatible clincher rim means that the Black Inc FIVEs are as practical and easy to maintain as they are high performance and cutting edge. The 21mm internal diameter pairs perfectly with wider tires and is optimized for 25-28mm tires. The hubs have been exclusively designed and manufactured in-house specifically for the FIVE wheel. The black anodized aluminum machined hub has been specially developed with both a mechanical and chemical retention joint to improve durability and lifespan. By including Black Inc + CeramicSpeed long-life bearings, the hubs provide fantastically low rolling resistance and exceptional durability. This disc brake only wheelset uses a center lock brake tab and a 100mm x 12mm through axle in the front with a 142mm x 12mm through axle in the rear wheel.

The Black Inc FIVE tubeless compatible carbon clincher wheelset for disc brakes has been designed to provide exceptional performance for long tours and fast-paced riding or training. Developed for use as a set, the FIVE’s front wheel can also pair nicely with the Black Inc ZERO disc rear wheel for the ultimate climbing-heavy time trial or triathlon setup.


  • 1,318 g clincher wheelset
  • Hubs designed by Black Inc using CeramicSpeed bearings
  • One-piece rim and spoke-blade carbon fiber construction

  • NACA optimized profiles on both rim and spoke-blade sections
  • Designed specifically for modern 25-28mm 700c wide tires
  • Tubeless compatible


Versions Shimano HG11 body
XDR body
Weight 1,318g (Shimano HG11)
Compatability Shimano HG11 / SRAM 10/11-speed
SRAM XDR 12-speed
Hub Black aluminium machined hub
Bearings Black Inc + CeramicSpeed custom bearings
Hub OLD 100mm x 12mm TA in the front
142mm x12mm TA in the rear
Brake Tab Center Lock
Rim Profile Height 30mm
Rim material TeXtreme®
Nippon Graphite Pitch-Based Fiber
Rim cross section (H x W) 30mm x 28mm
Internal diameter of rim 21mm
Freehub Body Compatibility Freehub Body Compatibility Specific design compatible with Black Inc FIVE and ZERO 2022 only

Shimano, Sram XDR

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